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Design & Samples

Wink Gal is an apparel manufacturer specializing in processing Australian BOHO fashion clothing with over 17 years of experience.

Tailored Service

Our approach to customizing starts with detailed market research. Winkgal can help different demand customers for expanding their market. We will study the shopping habits & other data of your target consumers. Everything that may influence user experience is taken into our service considerations.


Our accumulated experience of 17 years & expertise allows us to collaborate with you to elevate your brand through every step of our integrated process, from consultation to final delivery.

Explore Our Weekly Styles and Fabric

Weekly updates for your inspiration.

Customizable By Flexible Supply Chain

We offer fully customized apparel and accessories to satisfy diverse market needs.

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Over 100+ fabric helps our customers for satisfying development.



Exquisite logo and design printing to enhance your brand visibility.​



Full service, professional quality embroidery on any order.



Wink Gal will fully support you to make the first labels & tags belong to you.



A whole apparel packing solution that customizable for the perfect fit your need.

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MOQ as low as 100pcs

Flexible Supply Chain


Craftsmanship Meets Strict Quality Control

At Wink Gal, our masterful clothing over 17 years of experience. Different from others in understanding quick action along the process of trend analysis, fabric sourcing, sampling, and bulk production.

In the quest for excellence, we apply strict quality control in our factory. Our in-process & final product inspections further ensure colors, shapes, sizes & quality.

One Stop Service

Our mission is not only to be a clothing manufacturer, that always wants to help our customers’ business grow bigger and bigger. We believe in win-win cooperation.


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