Pants are a kind of clothing from waist to ankle and then become the most common lower-body clothing nowadays. Pants that are knee-length or above are called shorts.

Winkgal made lots of Pants in the last 16 years, get to know more about our services here >>

Woven Pants

Micro Shorts / Hot Pants


Tap Pants

Bermuda Shorts / Dress Shorts


Surfboard Pants / Boardshorts

Cargo Shorts

Preppy Shorts

Baggy Bermudas

Capri Pants

Pedal Pusher Pants

Riding Breeches

Plus Fours

Sarouel Pants

Gaucho Pants

Straight Pants

Slim-fit Pants / Drainpipe Trousers

Bell-bottom Pants

Tailored Pants

Tuxedo Pants

Flat Front Pants



Oxford Bags

Chaps / Cowboy Pants

Zouave Pants

Harem Pants

Palazzo Pants

Cargo Pants

Yoked Pants 

Zip-off Convertible Pants

Sailor Pants

Parachute Pants

Pajama Pants

Kentuchy Jodhpurs

Classic Jodhpurs

Cigarette Pants

High-waisted Pants

Baggy Pants

Tapered Baggy Pants

Peplum Pants

Bush Pants

Carpenter Pants

Suspender Pants

Dungarees / Overalls / Short Dungarees

Ski Pants

Phat Pants

Bondage Pants

Knit Pants


Stirrup Pants


Yoga Pants

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