9 Popular Fabrics For Inspiring Your New Collection

When you are ready to start setting up a new collection, how do you find the right fabric?

Don’t worry about the lack of options when it comes to choosing fabrics for your clothes. We have long-standing and stable fabric suppliers that you can choose from or can be custom developed. Here is a brief introduction to some of the fabrics we commonly use to inspire designs.

(1) Cotton

Cotton fabric is smooth, soft, light and has good printing, and can be tie-dyed. It can be used to make different designs according to fabric composition and grammage, such as the popular tracksuit, loungewear, etc.

(2) Suede fabric

Suede is a kind of cotton fabric with pleated texture on the surface, this fabric can also be made into beautiful tops and adult skirts, elegant and retro.

(3) Poplin

Cotton poplin as well as stretch poplin are used to make dresses. Cotton poplin (a shirting material) is a very comfortable fabric with good drape and a slight crispness. It is very thin and light, but also very strong. And most importantly, it doesn’t wrinkle much. It is a very ideal material for shirts.

(4) Polyester fabrics

Georgette as well as crepe made from polyester fibers are wrinkled polyester fabrics, again one of the materials used to make dresses and tops. It is also very easy to take care of.

(5) Jersey fabric

A 100% cotton jersey fabric that is lightweight, has a little stretch, and drapes well enough. It is a good breathable fabric for making casual dresses, bodysuits, etc.

(6) Soft Viscose Twill

This is a softer, smoother twill fabric. It is an elegant fabric for making good-looking dresses with good drape.

(7) Medium weight printed cotton

Gingham is a medium weight plaid fabric. It is a favorite fabric for sewing girls’ dresses with ruffles. Printed cotton needs to be of good quality to be suitable for sewing skirts and tops. It is not very drape but has a crisp feel to it. The different types of medium weight cotton off prints and patterns are astounding and they can be sewn into a fun looking casual dresses.

(8) Polycotton fabric

This is a blended fabric – made up of polyester and cotton fibers with the characteristics of both fibers. This fabric is brightly colored, has some wrinkle resistance, and is easy to care for. However, some poly-cotton fabrics can be fragile and may fray, so you want to be sure of the quality.

(9) Rayon challis

If you want a very drape, soft, lightweight material and you don’t care that you may have to lace your dress and it is a difficult fabric to roughly maintain, then this is the best fabric for those nice casual dresses.

Which one do you want to use to design your new collection? Contact us now!


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