How To Manage Apparel Quality In The Factory?

Managing apparel quality is difficult when importing garments from abroad. There are always some problems when you receive the goods, such as the wrong size, Non-stretch fabric. Our experienced factory has a wealth of experience in apparel manufacturing and production procedures and helps you manage quality.

1. Check Fabric

Fabric Defects have a negative impact on fabric quality, such as color shading variation, dirt, crease marks, knots, and so on. Therefore, we will check fabric quality the same as the one client approved is strictly implemented.

2. Size

We cut and sew according to your pattern to make sure the apparels have the right size.

3. Strict Production Standard

We have strict standards in production:
1)The main seams should be straight, neat, and have no loose threads.
2)There’s uniform stitching on a garment
3)Sleeves and cuff are the same lengths

4. Detail

After producing the apparel, we will check the detail of it according to the quality control checklist.

5.Fitting Test

Place the apparels on the model to check that it fits correctly and is the same as the original sample. Inspectors will typically check one unit per style.


After folding and packing based on customer requirements, the apparels will be sent asap.

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