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We’re a manufacturer of fashion apparel with our own factory in China. We will fully support your fashion brand.

Wink Gal
Flexible Service

Provide You With Full Support

Small Order Production

MOQ - 100pcs | 5-7days sampling | 3 weeks production

Wink Gal knows minimum order quantity is a headache for the new brands. We are not only producing for large brands but also to help the different demand to produce their first collection or to help new labels to make clothes in China. We provide 100pcsMOQ per design and helps 200+ new brands for launching their collections.

Flexible Supply Chain

Fully customized apparel to satisfy your needs

With 18 years of mass production experience and market analysis, Wink Gal believes that small-batch production will be a trend in the future, so we have developed different production lines. For large mass orders, an efficient assembly line and a clear division of labor are allocated; for small orders, a dedicated team will be responsible. Due to our flexible production capacity, we also provide many supplementary services, including but not limited to fabric customized, printing, embroidery, packaging, custom labeling services, and so on.

BFCM Support

We help you catch the BFCM timing

Sample Develoment

Catch your schedule in bringing new to the market

We know your tight schedule in bringing new products to the market. With a rich experienced service back up and skillful craftsmen team, we can send a sample within 5-7 working days since the fabric is confirmed. No matter how unique or complex your custom design is. Catch your schedule in bringing new products to the market.​

Coachella Experiences

Cover Your Small MOQ Request

When did you first go to Coachella?  We joined Coachella for 10 years. Loving the gorgeous styles of Coachella, we cooperate with well-known brands and develop fresh vacation and festival staples.

Are you ready to elevate your boutique and online store with your own Coachella styles?
We’re happy to help you launch styles.

Our Service

Tailored Service For Your Market​

We know fashion women’s clothing trends, especially for the Australian market (think of we have more than 18 years in manufacturing).

At the initial stage of our cooperation, we’ll listen carefully to your needs through an in-depth conversation. Thinking through your budget and the unique requirements of your brand & customers, our clothing expert will give you professional guidance on product design and realization.

So the result will be a happy product developing journey that blends style, fashion & your brand identity.

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