Customizable From Head To Toe​

We offer fully customized apparel and accessories to satisfy diverse market needs.

Flexible Supply Chain, custom on demand.

With 17 years of mass production experience and market analysis, Wink Gal believes that small-batch production will be a trend in the future, so we have developed different production lines. For large mass orders, an efficient assembly line and a clear division of labor are allocated; for small orders, a dedicated team will be responsible. Due to our flexible production capacity, we also provide many supplementary services, including but not limited to fabric customized, printing, embroidery, packaging, custom labeling services, and so on.


We have accumulated a long-term and stable fabric supplier that can offer well-selected and customized fabric to help you custom make your collection of different styles with the right materials.

  • Any Design Fabric

Animal, Floral, graphic printing, etc are accepted.

  • Fabric Swatch

We will send you the sample  swatch for you to confirm  before fabric bulk making.

  • High Quality

Our fabric suppliers have produced fabric for over 30 years, they are professional to control the quality.



Want to show the special design and logo on your custom collections?  At Wink Gal, we make your designs being a strong communication by helping you to print with the proper methods.

  • Printing Methods

Pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, etc

  • Printing Postion

In the Center front, Single & double-sided, or all-over printing.


Embroidering your design adds an extra level of feeling, making it the perfect choice for your collections.

  • Any Types Of Embroidery

Logo, single & multicolor and puff embrodery.

  • Pantone & Color Matching The Thread

We are able to match specific Pantone colors and work with you to make sure your embroidered designs are created in the right colors.



Wink Gal will fully support you to make the first labels & tags belong to you.​ Welcome for any color and designs.

  • Labels

Woven labels, printed labels, etc in any design and sizes.

  • Tags

Our hang tags meet all of your management needs. Available in both paper and plastic. Each tag is pre-die cut for easy hanging and is numbered, dated, and customized to your demand.


We offer a whole apparel package solution that customizable for the perfect fit your need. To make your apparel more attractive to customers.

  • Any Custom Size

We can make your custom size and print your logo on the surface.

  • Fully Printed & Branded

With new products, packaging can help with brand identification.

  • Boxes, Zippered Bag , Valve Bag

We make all kinds of custom packages to catch your business at any stage.

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