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Catch your schedule in bringing new products to the market.​

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We know your tight schedule in bringing new products to the market. With a rich experienced service back up and skillful craftsmen team, we can send a sample within 5-7 working days since the fabric is confirmed. No matter how unique or complex your custom design is.

Reference Sample

We have a dedicated sample machinist to work on your samples, who gives you professional advice. All the details can be customized according to your requirements, especially the color, fabric, size, patterns, and accessories. We make samples according to the following methods.

  • Picture

We can make the sample according to your pictures.

  • Sample

The sample can be made according to the original sample

  • Tech Pack

Create samples from your own designs and tech pack.


Fabric Sourcing

We will send you the sample swatch for you to confirm before sample making.

Besides, Wink Gal has accumulated a long-term and stable fabric supplier that they have rich experience in producing fabrics of polyester, polyamide, acrylic, spandex, cotton, rayon, acetate, viscose, silk, linen, wool, and so on.

Wink Gal can offer well-selected and customized fabric to help you custom make your collection of different styles with the right materials.

We have experience in working fabrics that polyester, polyamide, acrylic, spandex, cotton, rayon, acetate, viscose, silk, linen, wool, and so on.

"We know fashion women's clothing trends, especially for the Australian market (think of we have more than 17 years in manufacturing). At the initial stage of our cooperation, we'll listen carefully to your needs through an in-depth conversation. Thinking through your budget and the unique requirements of your brand & customers, our clothing expert will give you professional guidance on product design and realization."

Pattern Making

Wink Gal is familiar with European, American and Australian sizes, saving you communication and time costs.


Cutting & Sewing

High-quality apparel samples include many details, we pay attention to each one. Such as for T-shirt sample making. It has the round neck, V-neck, high neck, wide hem, and cuff sewing or narrow edge sewing, etc.

Professional QC

We have a strict QC process before fabric is cut, during sewing, printing, trimming till the sample is done. To ensure delivery of your sample on time.

Our Styles

Sample Shooting

You will get your pretty sample pictures once we finished. And then it will be arrange to send out while you are confirmed.

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