Tech Pack Collection
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With over 1000 tech packs in our arsenal, we are equipped to quickly adapt and modify designs according to client specifications.

Weekly Output of New Prototypes
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We produce more than 100 new prototype garments every week, offering our clients a rich selection to choose from.

Weekly Updated Fabric Options
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Ensuring that we can provide the exact material a client is looking for. This extensive range of options caters to diverse aesthetic and functional needs.

Weekly Updates of Model-Worn Garments
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These visuals are a valuable resource for clients to assess the fit and appeal of the styles, enabling them to gather feedback and make informed decisions about their selections.

OUR Programs


Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning involves conducting thorough market research and establishing design plans every quarter to stay ahead in fashion trends and meet customer demands.

Shaping Trends with New Fabrics

Selecting innovative fabrics from the market and discussing their direction helps us shape fashion trends, ensuring we're always crafting the styles of tomorrow, today.

Finalizing Design Sketches and Collections

Process involves selecting design drafts and developing prototypes by collection.

Confirm fabrics and produce prototypes

Once design needs are established, we engage in pattern design and acquire sample fabrics, initiating the prototyping phase with confirmed fabrics.

Fitting, Alteration, and Acceptance

After receiving prototypes, conduct specialized fitting meetings to finalize collection coordination.

Photography and Advanced AI Photo Editing

After confirming qualified prototypes, conduct photoshoots, perform edits using AI, and upload.

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