Quality Priority

Quality is the first priority in our production.
From fabric selection, accessories, production proceeding to the final inspection, we respect the value of quality control & inspection in every step.

Our Standard Operating Procedure

Satisfied products come from an efficient production process and strict quality management.

Fabric Inspection

The fabrics from the factory are inspected for colour, weight, defects, print quality, the hand feels, construction, and visual appearance upon arrival.

Fabric Defects have a negative impact on fabric quality, such as colour shading variation, dirty, crease marks, knots, and so on.

Therefore, we will check fabric quality the same as the one client approved is strictly implemented before production.



In the cutting section, the fabrics need to be done with the pre-shrinking machine, which keeps the fabric stable. Some special fabrics will shrink slightly if they’re cut and sewn directly without 72 hours of pre-shrinking. We cut according to the confirmed pattern to make sure the apparels have the right size.



Garment panels are stitched together by sewing machines. Quality checkers or supervisors are inspecting the garments randomly to check the seam quality, the shape of the garment, and other specifications to rectify the mistakes in advance.



After sewing finished, the garments will be sent measurement and visuals inspection(threads, dirty mark…etc). then ironing to give a fresh look.

Any defective garment detected at this stage is sent back for repair.

Last, we will hang tags on the clothes. We will check again to ensure that there is no quality problem with the clothes that will enter the packaging area. Packing and ready to ship!

Professional Project Management​

The quality of our services is of great significance in establishing our brand influence.  We believe that continuity plays a vital role, so our project managers will work with you from the very beginning of our communication to the end of the project.

They will create a schedule based on your project, then oversee the design, manufacture, and packaging processes to ensure all your products meet all the requirements according to your specifications and are delivered on time.

< Guidance

The factory’s production manager provides guidance and support in all stages of garment manufacturing.


Focused >

We follow strict delivery schedules, will track and record production issues and figure out the solutions on time.

^ Report

An independent communication group with our customer service manager to update you on all details of the production process.

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