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The Challenge of
Developing Products

Venturing into product development and overseas manufacturing can often feel like navigating a complex maze. Typically, the road to launching new products is paved with an intricate network of specialists: from fashion designers and sample creators to pattern experts, material vendors, and finally, a manufacturer.

This route is frequently marked by miscommunications and exasperations, with outcomes that may fall short of expectations. For many, assembling all the necessary components into a coherent product can be a laborious journey, stretching over months or even years.

At Wink Gal, we streamline this convoluted process with heightened efficiency and professionalism. Our integrated approach eliminates the usual chaos and cuts down the time to market, turning what used to be a 'living nightmare' into a dream of smooth, seamless production and launch.

OUR Programs

Requirement Collection

Upon receiving the client's tech pack, a dedicated video conference is arranged to gather specific requirements, followed by a professional team liaising with the client to confirm details.

Material Sourcing

Leveraging our proximity to the world's largest fabric market, we efficiently organize the procurement of fabrics and trims based on client needs, aligning with the latest trends and ensuring cost alignment with project budgets.

Material Selection and Finalization

Clients are presented with curated fabric swatch images suitable for their design drafts, from which they make their selections.



After the client's selection, the process of creating the sample garment is initiated and the task is assigned to the factory.

Sample Review and Reporting

Post-creation, the design team conducts a unified review of the prototype, providing progress reports and feedback to the client.

Final Approval and Production

Following client approval of the sample's size and fit, they are ready to place the order, leading to production, shipment, and logistics, which includes order confirmation, manufacturing, quality checks, and arranging dispatch.

We Help You Maximize Time.

Achieving a swifter Time-to-Market positions you to capitalize on sales opportunities while your competitors are still tangled in the development phase.

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