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Taking the headache out of reaching other apparel supplier minimums at your brand startup stage.

Low MOQ?

We Got You Covered!

Wink Gal knows minimum order quantity is a headache for the new brands. We are not only producing for large brands but also to help the different demand to produce their first collection or to help new labels to make clothes in China. We provide 100pcs MOQ per design and helps 200+ new brands for launching their collections.

Why We Can Help You?

We care about all of your demands.


Flexible Supply Chain​

 We combine manufacturing resources including Textile, Embroidery, Printing, and Dyes workplace, hangtag to build a very flexible supply chain, that’s why Wink Gal accepts SMALL MOQ.

Market Research

Wink Gal can help customers with different demands to expand their markets, from start-up to growth. Because we believe that “From small beginning come great things”, we help our customers with the utmost sincerity. 

Fast Response​

  We care about you and your orders. You will no worries about the orders’ status. As our after-sales department will keep update you on the information daily.

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